Graphic Design Studio

Archived Projects


Casa Cavia
The residence placed in the neighborhood Palermo Chico (Buenos Aires) was created by the Norwegian architect Alejandro Christophersen in early 1900s and was restored by Kallos-Turin Architects to became Casa Cavia. Creating a new concept in Buenos Aires, the creative director Lupe García Mosqueda, invites the finest new talents in the city to become the hosts of the house.

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Graphic & Editorial Design, Environmental Graphics and Packaging Design.

Creative Director: Lupe García Mosqueda  /  Architects Studio: Kallos-Turin


Ninina is a gastronomic proposal based on a cake bakery. The interior design idea was to turn the bakery into a warm space where the clients can see the cake-baking process and feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes. It unites the idea of manufacturing with a homey and familiar environment, blending the modern with the old and the home-made with the industrial.
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Typeface Design, Graphic & Editorial Design, Environmental Graphics and Packaging Design.


Fashion Brand / Jessica Trosman
Brand identity AW2014 / SS2015


USA / Economy and technology venue.
Environmental Graphics and Editorial Design.


Zurich / Fitness
Typeface design and Brand Identity.


Bloomberg Link
Bloomberg is an American company that set out to create a comprehensive platform of private financial software, communications media, and information. We developed a concept to work with the identity of Bloomberg Link, a sector of Bloomberg dedicated to conferences in different parts of the world: “changing the game in business. ”We also proposed how to carry it out: making each event a new and unique experience through business conferences all over the world, connecting people and ideas." 
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Environmental Graphics and Editorial Design.


Wallpapers / DMY Berlin
We created a wallpaper called “8 personas” (“8 people”). These 8 people represent the stereotypical citizen of Buenos Aires according to our vision: chaos, pride, euphoria, arrogance, shouts of joy, passion, sweat… all mixed in diverse and unequal parts.


Café / Pamela Villar & Jessica Trosman
Brand Identity, Typeface Design and Graphic Design.